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Real, Whole Foods
Every pet benefits from real food because whole food functions synergistically, meaning all of the nutrients in food – the macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes combine for an even greater effect than any could on their own.  Whole foods are more bioavailable, easier on digestion, and improve immune health, all crucial for sick pets.
Freeze-Dried, Never Raw
We are committed to real, whole food diets. Fresh foods offer the most nutritional benefits, but raw diets aren’t a viable option for dogs who are immuno-compromised. Freeze-drying offers the perfect solution. The freeze-drying process is not only a safe and effective pasteurization process but also retains 97% of food’s original vitamins and minerals, meaning these diets are undeniably as close to fresh, whole foods as possible.
Thoughtfully Selected and Responsibly Sourced
We only partner with trusted suppliers committed to sourcing grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, and organic veggies. The same ones who provide for restaurants.
Tested & Proven
Each formulation went through complete, comprehensive testing. AAFCO Nutrient Profile testing ensures that both macro and micronutrient levels address a pet’s unique nutritional needs.

A Wide Range of
Therapeutic Options

Freeze-Dried, Whole Food Diets for the Most Common Conditions Facing Pets


When you refer a patient who would benefit,  we will set them up with your unique coupon code. 

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