Freeze-Dried, Whole Food

Therapeutic Diets for Dogs & Cats

Vet-developed and reviewed by Independent Veterinary Specialists and Independent Nutrition Consultants, our therapeutic diets utilize science-backed ingredients and a research-led approach to help pets and their guardians when they need it most.

Why Medicus?

Diet is the single biggest choice you can make for your pet’s health. And when you have a sick pet, food becomes absolutely essential because the right nutritional framework can nurture healing.

Years in the making, vets and nutritionists worked hand in hand to develop the first freeze-dried, therapeutic diets that address the nutritional needs of sick pets, so you can give your pet the best. 

Whole Foods

Grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, and organic veggies, all responsibly sourced.

Calculated Nutrition

Extensively researched, the ingredients are picked specifically to address unique nutritional needs.

Vet Developed, Nutritionist Reviewed

We consulted with leading minds in the industry, including Independent Veterinary Specialists and Independent Nutrition Consultants, to formulate these therapeutic diets.  

The First Freeze-Dried Therapeutic Diets

The freeze-drying process creates safe, shelf-stable food for immunocompromised pets. Not only is it a safe and effective pasteurization process but also retains 97% of food’s original vitamins and minerals, meaning these diets are undeniably as close to fresh, whole foods as possible.

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Rooted in Whole Foods

Clean, whole foods are more bioavailable, easier on digestion, the immune system, and the microbiome. 

Real, nutrient-rich foods provide not only the nutritional framework to nourish the body, but the building blocks needed to heal.

Led by Modern Science

Medicus formulations are grounded in modern science utilizing two frames of thought– an intimate understanding of food’s most basic architecture and the knowledge of how the disease impacts the body. 

Limiting a specific component of a diet like phosphorus for the kidney patient, or choosing a specific ingredient for its form and function, can nurture the body’s innate ability to heal.

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The latest numbers show a growing problem for our pets  – 1 in 2 pets are overweight, there’s been a 50% rise in gut issues in the past 5 years, and 1 in every 2 dogs will develop cancer by age 10. 


While these alarming numbers are on the rise, there’s also a large body of scientific evidence pointing to the myriad of health benefits of fresh, whole food diets. These diets are more bioavailable, easier on digestion, the immune system, and your pet’s microbiome.

A Few Fresh Food Studies 


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And studies are pointing to the dangers of commercial pet food processes that create dry kibble diets. 

John H. Tegzes, Brian B. Oakley & Greg Brennan (2019) Comparison of mycotoxin concentrations in grain versus grain-free dry and wet commercial dog foods, Toxicology Communications, 3:1, 61-66, DOI: 10.1080/24734306.2019.1648636

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Environmental Pollution, Volume 243, Part B, 2018, Pages 1113-1118, ISSN 0269-7491,

Diet is the most important choice we can make about your pet’s health, and fresh, whole foods provide the nutritional framework to nourish our pets.

  • We only use human-grade, whole food ingredients in our recipes.
  • We use a gentle process known as freeze-drying to make the food shelf-stable and easier for you.
  • The numbers speak for themselves- compare the nutritional analyses, and you’ll see that these therapeutic diets are designed specifically for your pet’s nutritional needs. 

We source our foods locally and from trusted food suppliers committed to the quality and safety of their ingredients. The same ones who provide for restaurants. All of our ingredients are grocery-grade, including grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, and organic produce.

The food is made and manufactured in Wisconsin in a cGMP facility using the highest Quality Control and Food Safety standards.

Dr. Chris Bessent owns Medicus along with the facilities in Wisconsin where the food is made. 

As the owner and operator of the manufacturing facilities, Dr. Bessent is able to provide strict oversight and accountability for every step in the process. Every ingredient, each production phase, and the completed batch of food is logged for complete traceability.

It’s quality you can trust from a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience.

Freeze-drying is a process of removing water through sublimation. The 16 -18 hour process removes moisture from frozen ingredients utilizing vacuum and extreme cold. Temperatures drop below freezing, and the evacuated chamber converts water molecules from frozen to vapor, skipping the liquid phase. As a result, the ingredients go from frozen to dry without ever being thawed or cooked.


It’s a process pioneering how we feed our pets and undeniably the best way to offer food as close to fresh, whole food as possible. It makes ingredients like clean, quality meats and produce shelf-stable and safe while preserving all of the nutrition for your pet.

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