Driven by modern science and the deep-rooted power of whole foods, a board of veterinarians designed therapeutic, freeze-dried diets for pets with a range of health conditions.

Quality nutrition is never more essential when pets need it most, so our goal is to provide you with everything you need to nurture healing.

From better tools to a wide selection of programs, Medicus’ Vet Network supports you and your patients.

Better Tools

Extensively researched and methodically formulated, these diets are standalone because they are grounded in modern science.

The approach uses an intimate understanding of food’s most basic architecture and the knowledge of how the disease impacts the body to specifically address a pet’s unique nutritional needs.

These therapeutic diets are also the first of their kind– freeze-dried to guarantee a safe and effective pasteurization process, along with 97% retention of food’s original vitamins and minerals. These diets are undeniably as close to fresh, whole foods as possible


Literature & downloadable resources  help make conversations with guardians easier.

The Vet Network gives you access to any Medicus Program.


Reach more patients with our consulting program. You can see patients anywhere, strengthen your reputation, and gain more exposure from our web traffic.

Research Trials

Choose a patient who could benefit from these therapeutic diets and take part in the study.

Join the Vets+ Program

Refer a patient who could benefit, and they’re tagged using your unique code.

Refer a Vet

You’ll both get perks.

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